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The Beginning of Work

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The Beginning of Work
The history of Iran has rich culture and civilization, and this region has always been effective in history. The concept and purpose of archeology, is provide the appropriate solution for understand of this role, history of Iran, and mutual effects Iran and neighboring areas. Nearly three decades have been passed from extensive movements and significant activities in the field of archeology of Iran for massive attendance of Iranian archaeologists. The publication of part of these field findings are done by the professional and scientific journals. As we know, the numbers of journals that with topics of archeology, and approach of scientific - research in Iran are less than the fingers of one hand. So, proper publication of field findings and interdisciplinary studies has been neglected. Certainly, these numbers of journals are a weakness in the publication of findings and promotion of the archeological knowledge. So, satisfaction in a situation can be provided for archeology and archeologists that archeology findings in the form of articles scientific - research in scientific assemblies to be published. Thank God, we have been able to achieve these purposes, and have done other work for promote the culture of the ancient land of Iran. The journal of “Motaleat-e Bastanshenasi-e Parseh” was registrated with official license from “Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance” in summer of 2017. The publishing this journal has been started in form of Quarterly, in topics: archeology, history of Iran art, comparative studies of Iran art, and interdisciplinary studies. We hope this important work will be done with cooperation of researchers, authors, editorial board, and other colleagues, and will be cause stabilize and improve of supreme position of this journal in the scientific community of archeology in the country. In the near future will issued license of scientific – research from “Ministry of Science, Research and Technology”; and efforts of journal partners will be effective. It should be mentioned, this journal has been published with the cooperation of “Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Center”, “University of Bu-Ali Sina”, “University of Science and Culture”, and “University of Berlin”.
We Hope for the day when the archeology knowledge of Iran finds the highe of own place.
Morteza Hessari
Managing Editor & Editor-in-Chief
Journal of “Motaleat-e Bastanshenasi-e Parseh”
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