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Scientific Quarterly:

"Motaleat-e Bastanshenasi-e Parseh"
Parseh Journal of Archaeological Studies

ISO Abbreviation: Parseh J. Archaeol Stud. (PJAS)
In Collaboration with:
The Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT), Bu-Ali Sina University, University of Culture &
Science, Free University of Berlin 


The Subject Area of the Journal: Publication of Articles in the Specialized Field of Archeology and Related Interdisciplinary Sciences

Journal Language: Persian with a English Mini Article (1500 Words)

Publishable Articles in Journal: Research

By Following the Rules: COPE

Similarity Check / iThenticate by: Using the “Iran DOC” System

Access Status of All Articles: Open Access

Publication Type: Print and Electronic

Publication Cost: Yes (600 thousand Tomans)

Type of Review: Double Blind Peer Review
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Parseh Journal of Archaeological Studies

Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT)

Start of Publication: Autumn 2017 (1396)
Frequency: Quarterly

The publication date of each issue: The end of the corresponding season

Print ISSN: 2645-5048
Online ISSN: 2645-5706

DOI: 10.30699/PJAS
Current Issue:
Vol. 7 || No. 24 || Summer  2023
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