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Mahin Sohrabi Nasirabadi,
Volume 1, Issue 1 (11-2017)

While most scholars consider intangible cultural heritage endangered by negative effects of globalization on culture,) as globalization and specific conditions of this phenomenon may lead tribes to impatience in respecting cultures and cultural representations and different cultures face with the risk of less significance and or total ruining. (This research as a paradigm, referring to intangible cultural heritage for cultural globalization has recommended (it as universal values based(.
 ‘Intangible cultural heritage’ due to the presence of tangible, intangible, intellectual, and emotional aspects of social groups, as well as art are naturally ‘national-local’ and ‘global’. Indeed, they are the identity factor representing the ‘what’ and ‘who’ of a community, a document of human destiny, cultures, and civilizations. Therefore, the question raised here is what role ‘cultural heritage’ plays in the process of ‘globalization’? and, how it preserves and globalizes the community’s original identity in globalization?
The hypothesis is: “Intangible cultural heritage is the common language among cultures presenting previous immortal elements to the present and future. It also enhances people’s awareness level or the world’s self-awareness level in globalization domain that is a knowledge, humanity, and rational-based context, leading them toward a community with human values and criteria.”
Thus, culture-oriented approaches, ‘mosaic design or cultural puzzle” paradigm, as well as ‘cultural relativism theory’ along with ‘cultures’ integration paradigm include theoretical foundations of this research. 
The result suggests that there are two essential pillars of exchange, ie "cultural diversity and creativity" and "resources of meaning and spirituality" and offers a variety of common intellectual foundation of man, the "traditional handcrafts objects" - means the heritage that art is interwoven with spiritual wisdom leads it is up to them to "immigrants spiritual" principles and values "mental world" to provide converter. So, as not to influence the way that most of the absorption and attractions, all without resistance and opposition, and had the desire to be receptive.
This research theoretically collected data through documentary and library method. The descriptive data formulated by expletory- analytical method in which, often, inductive reasoning and sometimes, deductive reasoning applied. 

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