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Sahar Noohi, Helen Asadian,
Volume 1, Issue 1 (Fall 2017)

A great percentage of photographic documents are usually assessed through visual analysis or optical microscopic investigations. Yet, since many related analysis (e.g. dating, identification of materials, knowing ancient techniques, and conservation and restoration) could not be performed through these methods, application of analytical instruments, specially nondestructive  or micro-destructive ones which could reveal detailed information, become of great concern of researchers.
The main result of the study is to prove that µ-FTIR is one of the most, rapid, and economic technique which could be explored as a routine diagnostic tool to identify the type of photographic glass plates. We identified some photographic glass plate emulsions of Golestan palace photo archive, by µ-FTIR technique; and the result approved the efficacy of the technique to study such cases.

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